Smart Homes

Throughout the last century we have seen great technological advance in many areas, deeply affecting the way we live our day to day lives. Encyclopaedias are outmoded by Google; telephones superseded by the mobile smartphone; posted letters outdone by emails. But what about your electrical installation?

Electrical installations have remained largely unchanged for decades – it’s now time to bring your electrical installation into the 21st century. Matt Payne Electrical can help you do just that by installing an innovative smart home system into your home – Niko Home Control.


Smart thermostat on smart home system

Smart thermostat on a home automation system

In a nut shell, Niko Home Control is the modern electrical installation for the home – it really does make where you live a ‘smart home’. It allows central control of lighting, sockets, heating, ventilation and audio systems and helps you to save and monitor energy. At the same time it makes you feel safer and more comfortable at home, all incorporated in a timeless, sleek design.

Ideally installed at the construction phase or as part of the rewire of a building, Niko Home Control is a smart home installation which can greatly add value to your property whether you are renting, selling or living there. The Belgium owned Niko Home Control has proved its worth with our ‘ecologically aware’ European neighbours and is now advancing in the UK market. This really is an investment you won’t regret.

Here’s some of the main factors customers have said motivated them to upgrade their electrical system this way:

  • Ease of use
  • Energy saving (studies show up to 15% savings)
  • Safety features
  • Modularity
  • Budget friendly
  • Timeless design
  • Future proofing
  • Integration with other home systems

By deliberately avoiding the high end of the market where the possibilities are endless and the price tag is often ‘out of reach’, we keep our installation costs more budget friendly, in comparison to other home and building control providers, making this an affordable option to upgrade your home’s electrical installation.

How do I get started?

smart home energy monitoring

Eco display for energy monitoring in a smart home

If you are interested in finding out more about smart homes, then contact us and we’ll arrange an initial meeting with you. First off we want to listen to you and find out your requirements:

  • Which home automation techniques are used within your home already?
  • What will daily life look like in your home – now and in the future?
  • What comfort, security and energy saving features would you like incorporated in your home?

Then, we can introduce new ideas to you which you may not have considered before.

Following discussions we will put together a concept for you to consider.

Once a concept has been agreed upon a detailed quotation for installation can be put together.

We’ll carry out the work in a professional manner, keeping you, the customer, informed of our progress. There is always room for flexibility if any changes to the original concept are required along the way.

Following the commissioning and testing of the installation we will allow a few months for you to use the system and become familiar with its features. After that we can then return to make any final adjustments for you so everything is working just how you’d like it.

Some features of a Smart Home with Niko Home Control

Smart home Temperature control

Smart temperature control in the home

Here are just some scenarios you could enjoy in your modernised home:

  • Switch off all the lights and some devices with one press of the light switch by the front door. Good energy saver!
  • Create the right atmosphere for watching TV or a nice dinner with friends by pressing one button to adjust lighting, sun blinds, heating etc to preset levels.
  • At 7am the sun blinds automatically open and the bathroom is already heated.
  • Any light in the house, or device, can be controlled from the central touchscreen, or from your smart phone.
  • When visiting the bathroom the light automatically comes on and the ventilation system starts up. When you leave the room the ventilation stays on for a set time and the light goes off.
  • The eco-display shows the amount of energy used in your house, therefore helping you know which devices are wasting energy. Press the button once to visualise the energy reduction.
  • Monitor energy consumption on the central touchscreen by viewing overall and individual consumption of light circuits, socket outlets, heating, gas etc per day/week/month and year.
  • The heating zone control allows you to save energy by controlling the heating of all the rooms as individual zones to maintain a comfortable temperature without wasting energy. Choose the times you want specific rooms heated and monitor the temperature on a display and modify it with the button on a thermostat. Over time this will accumulate to massive financial savings in energy costs.
  • As a great safety feature is to use motion detectors to control lighting automatically, or activate an indoor alarm. Make it look like somebody is at home by switching on a light automatically after dark – no one will know you are on holiday. Saves buying a burglar alarm.
  • Panic lights activated in the event of a burglary.
  • Escape routes are lit in the event of a fire.
  • … and much, much more.

Contact Matt Payne Electrical,  Niko Home Control Advanced Installer to find out more.