Electric Sockets

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Electrical sockets are the bread and butter of any domestic electrical installation, every house has them. Fifty or more years ago it was fairly standard to have one single socket in each room. This met most people’s needs as there wasn’t really very many electrical goods on the market.

However, fast forward to the 21st century our demands for electricity consumption has increased with an every growing list of ‘must have’ gadgets and appliances in our homes. There are phone chargers, plug in speakers, side lamps, computers, TV set boxes, X-boxes to name just a few of the electrical appliances we need to find a spare socket to plug into.

If your house is lacking double sockets then do get in touch, we can add more for you. There is a potential fire risk if you have too many appliances plugged into one socket or overload an adapter plug – don’t take the risk!

We can expand your sockets ring main by adding extra cable under the floor and chasing in new backboxes and sockets on the wall. A small amount of ‘making good’ might be needed but this is the neatest solution. Sometimes an additional socket can be added next to an existing socket – ideal to eliminate extension lead behind the TV!

In some circumstances, the cabling and sockets need to be surface mounted which can be neatly installed using surface mounted pattress socket boxes and mini-trunking.

If you have single sockets in your house why not consider having them converted to double sockets, with no need for chasing walls – no mess, no fuss. Or if you need more sockets to accommodate phone chargers then have a double socket in an integrated USB port. That way you can charge your phone whilst leaving the two socket outlets free for other appliances.

If you need a whole new socket circuit for a house extension or new build we will design and install the whole circuit for you. After installing the cables, backboxes and protective capping (first fix), the plasterers will plaster the walls. Then we can return for the second fix, where the sockets are fixed, tested and energised.

Do you have an outbuilding – a shed, garage, outside office or man cave? You can utilise the space so much more with some electrical power to the building, what better way than having us install some sockets for you.  We’ll provide the right solution for your outdoor building: more rugged sockets for a garage and more elegant white plastic or decorative sockets for a garden office or summer house.

One more application of sockets we must not forget is the outdoor socket. Don’t make do with trailing an extension lead through your house the next time you use your electric lawn mower. Let us install a waterproof outdoor socket for you. Sometimes the installation might be as simple as feeding off of the power of the socket on the internal side of the wall. Other times we may need to run in a new circuit or some armoured cable buried underground. Remember – you can safely leave your Christmas lights or pond pump plugged into the socket with the lid closed with no risk of water leaking in.

If you require any new sockets for your home do get in touch with us. We can arrange a visit to determine your exact requirements and provide you with a no obligation quote.