Domestic light fittings – when they provide the light we need we take them for granted. However, few things are more annoying than a dimly lit kitchen when you are trying to read the next step of your Jamie Oliver veggie recipe. Why do we put up with making do with that angle poise lamp in the garage limiting the functionality of the whole space?

Let us install new lights in your home –whether it’s replacing old inefficient light fittings for more efficient LED light fittings or installing new lighting circuits and arrangements to provide the lighting you deserve in your home.

A popular choice for the kitchen or bathroom is to replace single central pendants with a number of recessed LED downlighters with a cool white light to provide great light for tasks. You could also have a pendant fitted with a warm white lamp for a more relaxing ambience in the dining room. Or indeed, consider dimmer switches to create new lighting moods (let us help you get the correct dimmer switch for each light fitting – they aren’t all compatible with LED lighting).

We’ll ensure the downlighters we fit for you have the correct IP (ingress protection) rating to ensure they are ‘waterproof’, if required, and suitable for the environment they are installed in. Downlighters aren’t just for the task orientated rooms – they come in a wide variety of styles and light hues to accommodate the different light ambiences required in a lived in room.

The light effect is not the only consideration, the safety is also. A LED lamp works at a much lower temperature than its old halogen lamp equivalent (greatly reducing the fire risks) and at a fraction of the energy use (sometimes as low as a 15% of the electricity use of the old light bulbs). They also last for thousands of hours, meaning you won’t need to dig out that step ladder from the garage to keep changing light bulbs every few months.

LED lights don’t only come in downlighters, they are found in just about every type of modern light fitting. Circular LED light fittings can be the perfect solution to replace that out of date bathroom light, or to provide some light outside the back door for when you let the dog out at the end of the evening.

There is a vast array of light fittings from the humble pendant with a shade to the opulent crystal chandelier. We have fitted both extremes and many in between. If you can provide the decorative light fitting of your choice we can fit that for you. Equally we are happy source what you require as well as installing it for you.

Sometimes the choice can be too much and you know you need some help to have the lighting space designed for you. We can recommend an excellent company local to Salisbury LightMySpace who we have collaborated with on a number of lighting projects. Why not give them a call?

Are you making the most of that extra room in your house that many forget – the garden?  With some strategic lighting in place the outdoor space in your property can provide you with a functional and enjoyable space. Consider highlighting some favourite trees and shrubs in your garden with uplighter spike lights, or a discrete bulkhead lamp in the pagoda or recessed lights in the steps. If you require garden landscaping work for your outdoor space then contact Chalcraft and Clay and we can work alongside them to install cabling and lighting to your requirements.

May be your lighting requirements are more functional when consider the outside area of your home. Do you struggle to open the front door after an evening out… due to the lack of light? Nothing else! Then let us fit an outdoor light with a motion sensor for you. May be you’d like the light to come on as you pull into the drive way, or walk up the steps – then a motion sensor on an LED flood light would suit you better, or if you prefer it an automatically switch on when dusk approaches.

Lighting has made huge advances over recent years. There are now more options and control capabilities available than ever before. Let us help make your lighting ‘smart’ with the introduction of coloured light fittings controlled from your phone up to complete smart home systems with automated sequences and routines with full control over your lighting requirements.

If you own an office or industrial unit we can help you too. We have experience in fitting LED panels for office spaces, high and low bay lighting for industrial units and many other applications.

If you require any new lights for your home or office do get in touch with us. We can arrange a visit to determine your exact requirements and provide you with a no obligation quote.