Energy saving for your home

Energy prices. Utility bills. Power consumption. Unfortunately all of these seem to be on the increase lately, even in your own home where our use of electricity is on the up. So how can we reduce the bills without unplugging all your electrical gadgets and appliances?

Smart Home - Energy saving

Niko Home Control touchscreen displaying home energy savings

The answer…  move over to the modern electrical installation – Niko Home Control. With Niko Home Control you’ll have an electrical installation which allows you to actively reduce your energy consumption levels. Residents can operate the entire installation from one central location, be that your smartphone or a wall mounted touchscreen. By constantly measuring and monitoring electricity, gas and water use Niko will display the energy use in an easy-to-read graphic, in real time and over the previous day, week, months or years.  This allows you, as the user, to determine any ‘bad habits’ of energy use and to see, in real terms the energy savings effected by making small changes to habits like boiling half a kettle of water than a full one, say.

Not only that, but with this smart home system it will work intelligently for you to make those energy savings without you having to lift a finger. Take the heating for example. Wouldn’t it be great if each room in the house could be at the right temperature at different times of the day, or depending whether you were at home or not. Niko will do that for you – and saving you all those heating costs at the same time as providing the most comfortable room temperature around the house.

In times such as these, where a reduction in energy consumption is so important both financially and for the environment, Niko Home Control provides the perfect electrical installation solution to give you energy saving for your home.

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