Consumer Unit Replacement

Many homes still have the old style fuse boards which don’t comply with current British Standards. We’ll provide a replacement consumer unit with the more convenient resettable MCBs and more importantly, RCDs to protect you and your family from the danger of electric shock.

Change to modern consumer unit

An old fuseboard is replaced with a modern consumer unit with miniature circuit breakers (MCB) and residual current devices (RCD).

The new arrangement is not only much tidier to look at but the new consumer unit makes the electrical installation much safer. The consumer unit contains MCBs for protecting the cable from over current and the ease of switching circuits on and off. The RCDs essentially protects you as a user of the electrical system by switching off the electricity supply within milliseconds should an earth fault be detected. That might just be you or your family inadvertently touching a live cable! Better to be safe than sorry – get RCD protection.